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Jean Marie Farina - Eau de Cologne - 1 L


Petit Grain - Rosemary - Lavendar
The Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne is the absolute reference of Eau de Cologne. Its quality of manufacture, known as "Extra-Vieille", is the guarantee of an ideal maturation and of an exclusive "savoir-faire." Encapsulated in the iconic and luxurious ! Liter/1000 ml Emeri bottle, this one truly bears the traditional signature of Jean Marie Farina.
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This fragrance has something timeless, eternal and moving. Derived from the original formula of Eau de Cologne created in 1806 by Jean Marie Farina, the Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne offers a reunion with oneself. A return to the origins, to the essentials, you could almost believe that the Jean-Marie Farina Eau de Cologne holds an important secret. A splendid freshness that opens up all the windows and reaches out to the horizon. A perfect olfactory balance, rich in precious essences distilled for an exquisite sensation of freshness.

The Ritual

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