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Distiller of happiness since 1862

Illustration of the history of Roger & Gallet

A fragrant miracle

The Roger&Gallet epic began in Italy, in the footsteps of a young Italian named Giovanni Paolo Feminis. The latter invented in 1693 a miraculous water, Aqua Mirabilis, a remedy based on 18 officinal plants grown in the Herb Garden of a convent in Florence. In friction or ablution, this medicinal water was reputed to cure many ailments.

Regenerating neroli, refreshing lavandin, anti-inflammatory lemongrass, antiseptic thyme... the miracle recipe has crossed centuries and borders all the way to Cologne where a certain Jean Marie Farina inherited it and patented it: Eau de Cologne was born.

Eau de Cologne was born

In 1806 Jean Marie Farina left for Paris and founded his own perfume house. It is based on the distillation progress of the time to modernize the formula of Aqua Mirabilis and make Eau de Cologne a perfume.

Prized for its scents of fresh bergamot and orange blossom, Eau de Cologne Jean Marie Farina seduced the royal courts of which it became the official supplier. On the skin, this water gave a whole new sensation of invigorating freshness.

His muses are Napoleon I, Empress Eugénie, so many personalities who ensured him an international reputation.

Illustration of the birth of Eau de Toilete from Roger & Gallet

"Avant-garde by tradition" was the signature of the Maison.

Through innovative and luxurious products, Roger & Gallet have created a unique and exceptional universe of scents, treatments and perfumes.

Illustration of Roger & Gallet products from the year 1862

The invention of happiness

In 1862, two brothers-in-law Armand Roger and Charles Gallet in turn inherited the precious original Eau de Cologne, copied many times and yet never equalled.

In Paris, the Opéra Garnier was built, Zola wrote Au Bonheur des Dames. In this excitement, the two partners founded the Roger&Gallet house and never stopped innovating, inventing and dreaming.

In their wake are born a profusion of scents, a whirlwind of perfumes and toiletry essentials that delight the elegant: from soaps to facial care, from make-up to the first lip balms, products where the smile, the joy of living are , for Roger&Gallet, second nature.

A rounded icon

In 1879 it was the creation of the first round soap "scented in the heart". A small revolution when there were only rectangular loaves offering poor grip.

But the essential is not there; Made "in a cauldron" using an artisanal method that still continues today, Roger&Gallet soaps are fragrant until their last use.

The address of Happiness

Happiness now has an address. In 1932, the Roger & Gallet house moved to rue du Faubourg St Honoré and baptized its shop "La Boutique du Bonheur".

A real social gathering, people flock there to discover the refined illustrations of artists such as Mucha, Icart or Fabiano.

Good Friction, good day!

In the 1950s, Roger&Gallet supported the well-being revolution. While paid holidays are in full swing, the French take pleasure in taking care of themselves, and Roger&Gallet toiletries are entering all bathrooms.